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Girls Generation is a scanlation group dedicated to providing hot and steamy boy love manga since early 2012.

Ame Nochi Hare

Bikke wholeheartedly introduces this new, beautifully drawn series about boys coming of age and their realization for the beauty of the same sex.

Ayakari Zoushi

It’s been three years since Himawari lost his parents. One day, feeling particularly annoyed about having to live with his relatives, Himawari finds himself visiting a shrine. He soon learns that it is an unusual shrine with unusual people such as the shady guy, Kaminaga, and the priestess, Maru (who actually is a goddess). Soon, he becomes an acquaintance of this weird crowd and winds up helping them to grant their worshippers’ wishes. While all the time he was working to grant others’ wishes, his wish remained ungranted. However…

Danshi Hanayakanare

The male-only theatre company, 012 Flower Troupe, splits its actors into two groups: the elite “New Moon”, and the mediocre “Zodiac Group”. Although Hinataze Nozomu is a member of the Zodiac Group, he has the ability to compete against others to be the best. One day, he is selected to play the new Princess role alongside Ootori Kazatora, his greatest rival from the other division. During their lessons, this man told him, “Not just in the script, fall for the real me.” What will Nozomu do…?

Kimi no Tonari de Seishunchuu

Miu is living with her dad since her mom left them some years ago. While taking care of the house, Miu has missed the breaking news about thet new transfer student. When she meets Keita at school, he seems to know her quite well, but she doesn’t recognize him at all. Who is Keita and why is he approaching Miu so openly?

Kinkyori Renai

Uni Kururugi is a straight faced high school girl who always wears a kitty hair clip to make something about her cute. Her teacher, Haruka Sakurai is a ladies man that all the female students want. But he is interested in Uni…

Kyouju to Shitsuji no Shizuka na Seikatsu

After the death of his older brother, Shima has been left a mansion and a servant according to his older brother’s will. There are two things Shima hates most in the world: being bossed around and being restricted. Both of which, his new servant, Haruki, never fails to miss. How will Shima deal with Haruki…?!

Nekoka Danshi no Shitsukekata

After having been apart from his older brother for 10 years, Ninomiya Michiru, has finally returned to Japan to live with his brother, Shiou. But what surprises lies in store for him after all these years? What secrets were buried in his memories after all these years that he tried to forget?


Got more?

Of course we do! It’s been too long to just leave you with one Kyouju release, so here’s more of the adorable college boys from Kyouju to Shitsuji no Shizuka na Seikatsu extra 2!

To give an update on our bulk order, a fellow scanlation group has approached us with scans of a number of books that we had listed. Thus we’re holding off on making the purchase until we can factor in this new workload. But on the bright side, we can get started on these awesome books – once we get more TRANSLATORS and CLEANERS that is.

So here’s the return (FINALLY) of Kyouju to Shitsuji no Shizuka na Seikatsu! It might be a while until we continue with v. 2, but until then, there’s still 3 chapters left in v. 1! For today we have Guren no Alma ch. 4 and Kyouju to Shitsuji no Shizuka na Seikatsu extra 1. Enjoy, and until next time, have a great day!

Also, we’re still in need of Chinese/Japanese Translators to come help us! We can’t get started on our yummy new projects until we finish off at least 5 more of our current projects!


How About It?

Kyaa~ All these confessions! Feels like my heart is going to explode (if my stupid headache doesn’t kill me first). Here’s the oneshot Kokyuu no Aida ni Koi ni Naru and Momoyama Kyodai ch. 12 to warm your little selves now that winter’s rolling around.