We made quite a few booboo’s in our earlier releases. We went back and made the following corrections:

  1. Count H ch. 1: The credit page had all the wrong information. (Sorry, Rei!) You would be doing our staff a great justice if you can take a little time to take note of or, even better, save this page.
  2. Ikumen Datte Koishimasu extra: One fluff page was missing T^T
  3. Sasakure Memoriaru ch. 5: Two pages missing! They weren’t included in the scans we received from our raw provider, so we didn’t even know until roy13, a kind reader, told us about it.

Our online reader and download links have been updated. We apologize for the inconveniences and will try to make less mistakes ;D Thank you all for making it possible for us to become a better scanlation team.
I’ll see you Wed~

 You’re gonna see lots and lots more of Misono’s sulking, pouting, venting, and crying face in Count H ch. 2-3. Oh, but he’s so precious! Like an endangered species – he needs to be protected!!!

You’re all free to vent below too. Let it all out. We want you leaving here refreshed and happy.

You’ve been hit by, You’ve been hit by a smooth criminal ♪
Wait until you see how close to home, or not, that line is lol.

We haven’t released anything from Natsume-sensei in forever – and we missed her bday >< So that’s why you’re getting double Petit Comics from both Ameiro Paradox and Sugar Code!!! It’s fluffingly therapeutic!

We promised to take adfly off, but our miserable coffers demand they stay up. Please use the links, if at all possible. We’re also planning another book order soon, so stay tuned for the upcoming announcement. Thanks, and hope everybody had a lovely weekend~